U.S. Soccer players will wear rainbow uniforms for Pride Month

The uniforms will be worn at the teams' matches in June.

Gay men shouldn’t use ‘f****t’ to describe each other

A funny video takes on the question of whether gay men should be using that word.

Utah youth center hosts prom in time for Pride

This is the first time that this small town has had a queer youth prom.

Joe Biden presides over wedding of gay staffer

The former Vice President officiated his second wedding between two men.

Transgender cadets denied commissions because of loophole

Even though the Pentagon lifted the ban on transgender service members last year, some transgender cadets are being told to leave the military.

Gay man punched & hit with a cane in possible hate crime

Police say the assailant admitted what he did as if he didn't know attacking gay people is wrong.

Watch the video about Chechnya’s leader that Russian bots don’t want you to see

Someone sicced spam bots to reduce the visibility of a video about Chechnya's brutal oppression of gay and bi men.

Terrorism-training suggested for Orlando police after Pulse attack

The report found that the Orlando police followed protocol for hostage situations in reacting to the Pulse shooting.

‘Transparent’ creator Jill Soloway comes out as trans and non-binary

The interviewer accused Soloway of "rejecting femaleness" because they now identify as non-binary.

Ben & Jerry’s bans same-flavor scoops to support marriage equality

Australia still hasn't lifted its ban on same-sex couples marrying, so an ice cream chain is taking a stand.

Nevada passes marriage equality law

Nevada law is updated to show that same-sex couples have access to the same marriage rights as opposite-sex couples.

White House omits Luxembourg’s gay first gentleman from photo caption

The White House did not include the name of the only NATO leader's same-sex spouse in an official photo's caption.

Republican says state will balance budget by cutting transgender care

The bizarre conversation made one Democrat say, "See, I thought we were having a rational discussion."

Comicon security bans fake weapons, including plastic swords

Following a threat by a possible mass shooter, security at the event was tightened.

Billy Graham’s son is mad at the Patriots for supporting the Gay Bowl

Prominent Evangelical Franklin Graham is mad that the Patriots are supporting a "sinful lifestyle."

United Nations official wants answers on gay detentions in Indonesia

The United Nations wants answers about reports that gay and bisexual men are being arrested in Indonesia.

‘Shameless’ actress Diora Baird talks about coming out

The actress and model took years to accept herself for who she is.

Illinois House approves bill to lower birth certificate correction requirements

The Illinois House has a Democratic majority, and the bill passed that chamber.

United flight attendant accused gay father of molesting his own son

The family is now angry that the unfounded accusation was made at all.

Texas’s ‘bathroom bill’ causes Republican stand-off

Texas Republicans are fighting each other over an anti-transgender "bathroom bill."

Dudebros enraged by female-only Wonder Woman’ screenings

"It's sexist!" roared the men, refusing to acknowledge that nearly every superhero and comic book film is geared toward males.

Magomed Daudov
Witnesses say high ranking politician in Chechnya visited gay torture camps

This man reportedly not only orchestrated the torture of gay and bisexual men but some survivors say he liked to watch.

Hillary Clinton goes full ‘Nasty Woman’ in powerful, hopeful commencement speech

Addressing the class of 2017, the woman who won the popular vote told graduates to not "retreat on civil rights, women’s rights, and LGBT rights."

Miami Beach bombshell: World Outgames cancels most of its events

The organizers blame "financial challenges" for the last-minute cancellation of nearly every event including tomorrow night's opening ceremony.

Meet the trans man running for NY City Council: his kids call him ‘mom’

The Democrat says we have a tyrant for a president, and the way to remove that tyrant is through engaging in local politics.

The LGBTQ community finally starts holding corporate ‘ally’ feet to the fire

The National LGBTQ Task Force announced Wells Fargo will no longer be a corporate sponsor, and HRC returned money from Bank of America.

Why are Texas Republicans so obsessed with what you do in the bathroom?

As "bathroom bills" falter across the U.S., Texas Republicans are doubling down in their determination to discriminate.

Two steps back & one step forward for gays in Asia this week

A first-ever ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in Asia. A public caning in Indonesia. A soldier convicted in South Korea.