Here are the 10 best Trump memes according to our fans

After Trump sees this, there will be hell toupée.

summertime movie
5 LGBT movies you can watch on Netflix if you’re over the holidays & Black Friday shopping

There's no better day than Black Friday to stay in and binge on Netflix.

This teacher was fired for being gay

The principal said that the school "chooses" not to employ LGBTQ people.

A Kentucky gay couple was targeted by police. Now they released the video.

The police called them names, entered their home, tased them, and arrested them... for the most minor charges.

It only takes a few Facebook likes to out someone, a study finds

A study about online privacy found that advertisers don't need much information to figure out that someone is gay.

That time the religious right declared war on Islamic turkeys to protect Thanksgiving

"Be advised: every single Butterball turkey sold in America this Thanksgiving has been sacrificed to Allah first."

Joe Barton
A ‘family values’ congressman from Texas is apologizing after graphic photo surfaces

"While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women."

Magic happened when these drag queens reenacted Romy & Michelle’s big dance scene

"Oh, big wow, with your cousin Barry. I wouldn't brag about it."

danica roem
The GOP is so afraid of calling a trans politician a woman they’re willing to abolish gender

Instead of "gentleman" and "gentlewoman," legislators would refer to themselves with the gender neutral term, "delegate."

Donald Trump
Trump appeals trans military ruling on same day another court hands him a defeat

Courts across the nation are finding Trump's proposed ban on transgender people in the military unconstitutional. He doesn't care.

300 leading theologians just condemned modern evangelical Christianity as ‘corrupt’

"Evangelicals have come to misrepresent Christianity. Evangelical Christianity has become white, male Christianity. And for this we need to repent.”

Gender fluid: Grindr isn’t just for gay men any longer

The popular app has expanded to include women and be more inclusive of transgender people.

trans robbery
Man arrested after he robbed & shot a trans woman in the back as she ran away from him

The incident left the victim seriously wounded, and occurred just days before Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Bigots are losing it over a Croatian bank commercial

Watch the commercial haters don't want you to see.

From bad to worse: There’s a new reason why you should stop using glitter

Bad news for drag queens and glitter gun aficionados everywhere.

If ‘love is love,’ why can’t Roy Moore date teenagers?

The latest right wing defense of the alleged child molestor and Republican senate candidate is a doozy.

Former Trump campaign chair to plead guilty on child sex trafficking charges

Another so-called "family values" conservative whose hypocrisy and criminal behavior has caught up with him.

rachel tudor
Transgender professor awarded over $1 million in discrimination case

This $1.165 million verdict against Southeastern Oklahoma State University is the most amazing trans rights victory we will see this year.

This totally-not-gay guy just opened a hate group’s anti-LGBT conference with a flag dance

MassResistance is one of the most vociferously anti-LGBT groups in the nation, but no one told the opening act apparently.

How Janet Jackson changed the conversation on LGBT rights 20 years ago

When Janet, sexy but wholesome, exciting but never dangerous, talked, people listened.

Where are all the good men when we need them most?

Continue to walk in the light, redefine your faith, and remember it's all about the rhythm.

This politician won’t spend time on marriage equality while crocodiles are attacking people

This Jekyll and Hyde performance by an Australian conservative has everyone laughing.

‘Christian Lives Matter’ group is urging people to vandalize gay murals & some idiot did it

The group recently targeted a mural of George Michael and a moron was busted after defacing it in the dumbest way possible.

Rex Tillerson
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson observes Transgender Day of Remembrance

"On Transgender Day of Remembrance, the United States honors the memory of the many transgender individuals who have lost their lives to acts of violence."