quist gianforte
Watch the results come in for Montana’s wild Congressional election

Democrats hope Rob Quist can pull an upset win against Republican Greg Gianforte, who has been charged with assault on a reporter.

Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming says Trump condoning hate crime attacks with his silence

Cumming called Trump "an embarrassment to America."

Minnesota mom who sued her transgender daughter to stop transition loses lawsuit

Annmarie Calgaro claimed her parental rights were violated when her daughter began her gender transition, and now she vows to fight on.

Philadelphia rainbow crosswalk
You can walk with pride in these cities with permanent rainbow crosswalks

Take Pride as you cross these colorful streets in cities willing to stand up for the LGBTQ community with permanent, visible signs of support.

Out star of ‘Arrow’ bids farewell to fans after show kills off his character

John Barrowman is telling fans on Instagram he's "very sad and upset" his evil character was killed off-camera.

Will Donald Trump’s character defects imperil the world?

Trump and his administration have been continually undermining democratic values and human rights in his own country, so how will that play out worldwide?

This gay man’s hate letter sparked a play, a movie & a movement

When the fear of their love being discovered proved to be too much, Rodrigo Bellott's boyfriend took his life. That tragedy inspired him to help others.

Besty DeVos says state-funded schools can reject LGBTQ students

The Secretary of Education defended a federally-funded Indiana school's right to discriminate in the name of "school choice" and "flexibility."

Australian tennis star announces stupid boycott over support of marriage equality

She won't fly Qantas airlines now because the company supports marriage equality, but Australia's other major domestic airline, Virgin, does too.

Indonesian police set up task force to hunt down gays

Police on Sunday detained 141 men including four foreigners in a raid on a gay gym and sauna.

Cyril Hanouna
Advertisers flee TV show after host humiliates gay, bi men on air & outs a teen

A 19-year-old was threatened and kicked out of his home by his family when they recognized his voice on the TV program.

Ben & Jerry’s just announced the most creative marriage equality protest yet

The company won't serve Australian customers two scoops of the same flavor of ice cream until the government legalizes same-sex marriage.

This football player scored immediate acceptance when he came out in high school

He was elected prom king, homecoming king, and a team all-star, after he came out to his teammates.

NBA All-Star Game Charlotte
BREAKING: The NBA just gave the LGBT community a huge smack in the face

The NBA has awarded the 2019 All-Star Game to Charlotte despite a state law forbidding cities from protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.

ABC will broadcast New York’s pride parade live for first time

The biggest pride parade in the world is ready for its close up.

Martyn Hett
Gay man is latest confirmed victim of Manchester attack at Ariana Grande concert

Martyn Hett, 29, has been identified as among the 22 victims of the suicide bombing in Manchester.

South Korea sentences soldier to jail for having sex with his partner

The country's military penal code makes homosexual activity punishable by up to two years in prison.

‘The L Word’ director hints at reboot of iconic lesbian series

First Will & Grace, then Roseanne, now The L Word. Will the creators of Queer as Folk seize the moment and stage a reunion too?

Texas Senate deems proposed bathroom bill not horrible enough in late night vote

Texas' Republican-controlled Legislature is tying itself in knots over a transgender "bathroom bill."

Taiwan becomes first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage

The ruling was greeted with applause where hundreds had gathered with rainbow flags and noisemakers emblazoned with slogans in favor of gay marriage.

Strangers’ reactions to this couple’s Disneyland proposal will warm your heart

A self-identified "straight bro" called the couple's proposal "a-god-damn-dorable."

What it’s like celebrating Pride in Eastern Europe (It ain’t easy)

From Bucharest to Krakow, police and protesters are a common sight at these LGBTQ community celebrations.

Why don’t terrorism trolls think before they tweet?

Call it the Survival Guide for the Marginalized: steps you can take right now, or at least before the next terrorist strike.

Pride, consumerism, & the sale of a civil rights movement

A few years ago, I entered my classroom and was about to introduce that day’s lesson when a large poster pinned to the bulletin board caught my eye.

Ben Carson
Ben Carson’s name suddenly disappears from hate group conference schedule

Will Ben Carson be presenting to hate group members at their big anti-LGBTQ summit?