Ellen DeGeneres has discovered ‘butt glitter’ & she is not impressed

"Why would you want to look like you sat in a pile of drag queens?"

Donald Trump
Science envoy gives Trump the most spectacular resignation letter ever

Read the first letter of each paragraph for a secret message.

WTF? This sugardaddy hookup app says it’s for men ‘not living with HIV’

"No one would like to date people living with HIV unless he is living with it," the company's CEO says.

drag story time
This kindergarten teacher uses drag to teach & inspire his students

Fay Slift, also known as John Paul Kane, is educating the next generation by showing them that "differences aren't scary... differences are beautiful."

First Trump came for ‘them’ but now they are you

First Donald Trump and his father, the real estate tycoon, came for black people in their refusal to rent to them, over which the Trumps were sued and had to sign a consent decree, and…

jace anderson
When a track star came out & was confronted by football players something great happened

Jace Anderson, track athlete at the University of Nebraska, admits that he was nervous when the three "gigantic human beings" approached him at a party.

Lesbian couple abused by hotel staff during their ‘honeymoon from hell’

They were called slurs, refused service at the hotel bar, and their belongings were broken.

MTV Pride logo
MTV is about to stop broadcasting in Australia to support marriage equality

Australia is preparing to vote on marriage equality in a nationwide survey and MTV is doing their part to help love win.

The inside story about the Jenny Jones murder trial that you don’t know

Scott Amedure's murderer was set free yesterday thanks to one juror's homophobia during his trial - and I was front seat for it all.

Don Lemon shreds Trump for doubling down on racism during latest unhinged rally speech

CNN host Don Lemon, in an unscripted moment immediately following the Trump rally, spoke for all of us.

A 1972 photo of women in miniskirts convinced Trump to send more troops to Afghanistan

Maybe if all the transgender women in the military wore vintage mini skirts, Trump would change his mind on his unexpected ban on trans troops.

Katie Sowers
Katie Sowers comes out as first lesbian coach in the NFL

The San Francisco 49ers assistant coach, only the second female full-time coach in the NFL, is out and proud.

You can buy a Steve Bannon fidget spinner from Breitbart now, but why would you?

It'll probably spin longer than Trump's new communications director.

Republican lawmaker says it’s ‘completely plausible’ Obama staged Charlottesville

Idaho state representative Bryan Zollinger says "maybe it was a mistake" to make the offending post. Uh, ya think?

Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Aren’t they white too?

Anti-Jewish prejudice and discrimination is a form of racism.

The terrifying tale from my days as a meth addict that I haven’t told anyone until now

He lived in a house with nice furnishings. That reassured me when I arrived for the hookup.

This transgender military vet’s shipmates welcomed her back with open arms

Trump evaded serving his country, but she served honorably - and her fellow veterans knew it.

Trump ecstasy
Police seize 5,000 ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump

This might be the first time Donald Trump has ever made anyone feel good.

Sam Clovis
Trump’s USDA nominee is one of the most radically anti-LGBT yet

Sam Clovis, a former rightwing talk radio host nominated to be the USDA's top scientist, made his career out of saying offensive things about minorities.

Watch shoppers come to the rescue of a trans woman being disrespected in a clothing store

These women weren't having it - and it was all caught on video.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announces opposition to Trump’s transgender military ban

The federal civil rights panel called Trump's ban "a message that fosters and encourages prejudice."

Dakota Kern transgender assault
Police investigating after horrific assault on transgender teen by over a dozen people

Her attackers recorded the beatdown and posted it to social media.

Most of my family was killed by Nazis. How are you helping me avenge them?

Each day we all are called on to make choices, both large and small. Are you taking action or watching from the sidelines?

Gay couple shamed in upscale DC restaurant because they wanted to share a dessert

They were told it “doesn’t go with the ambiance of the restaurant.”

Matt Bevin
Kentucky governor blames Charlottesville violence on taking the Bible out of schools

He thinks removing the Bible from public schools is erasing history, saying a couple hundred years ago it was the only book in classrooms.

Even as students return their diplomas, Jerry Falwell Jr. continues to defend Trump’s racism

The evangelical president of Liberty University insists there might be video proving that the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally was filled with history buffs.

Disgusting antigay posters are showing up in Australia as part of the marriage ‘debate’

Neo-Nazis and the religious right are using the same tactic to spread lies and disgusting rhetoric about gays and lesbians.

Some of America’s religious right leaders seem almost pagan when it comes to the solar eclipse

"This is a metaphor, or a sign, of the work of the Prince of Darkness in obscuring the light of God’s truth.